99% of earth's habitable space is ocean.

Most of it is unexplored.

We're changing that.

2022 titanic expedition

OceanGate Expeditions offers a limited number of citizen explorers the opportunity to participate as active expedition team members and dive 3800 meters to the wreck of the RMS Titanic at the bottom of the North Atlantic. Our historic, second annual Titanic Expedition is comprised of a series of 8-day missions during which up to 6 Mission Specialists will join the team at sea aboard the expedition support vessel. Each Mission Specialist will make one dive to the wreck and participate in surface dive operations as we conduct up to five submersible dives to the wreck and debris field.


Become an underwater explorer

Our team organizes and conducts crewed submersible expeditions to explore sunken shipwrecks, rarely seen marine habitats, and unique geologic formations to deepen our collective knowledge and share it with the world.




Become a Young Ocean Explorer

Our team is excited about inspiring the next generation of explorers to reach the depths of Earth's final frontier. Have a young adventurer, marine biologist, historian, or explorer on your hands? Join us as we partner with Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants to release videos and worksheets that will help all up-and-coming explorers build upon their curiosity about the world around them.





OceanGate Expeditions is a world-wide leader in human exploration of the deep ocean. Our mission is to open the ocean for more deep-sea exploration – not just for scientists, but for people who are passionate about discovery.

Our team organizes and conducts manned submersible expeditions to explore sunken shipwrecks, archeological sites, and rarely seen marine habitats to deepen our collective knowledge and share it with the world.

Each mission includes space for individuals to join the expedition team as Mission Specialists and actively participate as full members of the expedition team. 

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