2022 Titanic expedition launches

Imagine this: The blue-gray North Atlantic Ocean stretches before you with no land in sight. Wind whipping your hair, you see Signal Hill and downtown St. John’s grow smaller and smaller as the Horizon Arctic motors out to sea. You’re on your way to the wreck of the RMS Titanic with OceanGate Expeditions.


After months of hard work and preparation (and several flights) all of our crew are on board the Horizon Arctic and are adjusting to life aboard a working vessel. Both the OceanGate crew and our guests, who are training as Mission Specialists, have gone through several safety briefs with Horizon’s capable crew.  

Our role during an emergency? Man the muster station.  

Aside from the ship’s safety training, Mission Specialists have already been busy learning how dive operations will work with Titan, the submersible that will dive to the Titanic. The first step was learning how to open and close Titan’s dome which is how the dive team will enter and exit the sub. 

They have also met the members of the science and research team who are joining us for the first mission. Beverly McClenaghan, Lead Ecologist at the Centre for Environmental Genomics Applications (CEGA) from eDNAtec, was right next to them on the back deck during the dome training. They also met Chris McCabe, Coastal Archaeology and GIS Specialist at the University of Rhode Island, although he is usually found in the coms and tracking pit up in the bridge hard at work.  

You can follow our journey by checking this blog and our social media profiles. We’ll bring you the news as it comes and can’t wait to share what our dive teams discover. Keep an eye out for the Horizon Arctic and our crew of explorers coming into port if you find yourself in St. John’s this summer. 

After our crew climbs into their berths for the evening, it's likely that dreams of an underwater adventure – which will soon become reality – will fill their heads as the waves gently rock the ship into the night. 

If you are interested in joining us as a Mission Specialist on our 2023 Titanic Expedition and beyond, please contact us here. You can see where our adventures may take us by exploring our future expeditions page here. 

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