2021 was an unforgettable year for our team

After years of development and hard work, we successfully completed our inaugural expedition to the RMS Titanic and came back with awe-inspiring images of the world’s most famous shipwreck.

Quarter 1: We announced the team of scientists, medical staff and Titanic experts joining the expedition, and announced partnership with Horizon Maritime for expedition vessel, the Horizon Arctic

Quarter 2: We continued preparations for the Titanic Survey Expedition and sent OceanGate’s Titan submersible to the East Coast

Quarter 3: The Titanic Survey Expedition began, we completed the first successful dive to the Titanic on July 10, finished the expedition in August, and started the Titanic Experience Tour at the University of Rhode Island

Quarter 4: We announced the 2022 Titanic Expedition, returned the Titan and Cyclops submersibles to the Pacific Northwest, and announced new dates for the Titanic Experience Tour


Gratitude for Titanic Experience Tour partners 

While transporting Titan back to the Pacific Northwest in during the last part of the year, our team has had the pleasure of meeting new friends and future crew members during the Titanic Experience Tour. We thank our generous hosts for helping us coordinate this cross-country endeavor and to spread the word about our mission: 

  • University of Rhode Island President Marc Parlange, Peter Snyder, Michael Katz, Rod Mather, Professor Bridget Buxton, Stephen Licht, Maj. Michael Jagoda, Lt. Michael Donohue, Daniel Cartier, URI facilities operations crew 
  • Mystic Jet Center in Groton, Connecticut, and Stacy Ritchotte 
  • Greenwich Water Club, Karen Piscitelli, Andre Bouchahine, Peggy Dahlem and Rick Krall 
  • Joseph Wortman, Josh and Valerie Clark, and Apogee Air in Waterford, Michigan 
  • David and Pam Waud, and Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest, Illinois


Although Titan is now back to our home port in Everett, Washington, our crew will continue to tour the country to share their experiences and invite future Mission Specialists to join this one-of-a-kind expedition. We offer both virtual and in-person tours of the submersible. Keep an eye on our social media pages @oceangateexped to find out when we will be doing the next one.


Titanic Footage Release

titanic reciprocating engine

We have released a variety of the raw footage from the 2021 Titanic Expedition including stunning video of the bow, the Marconi Radio room, Captain Edward Smith’s cabin and “disappearing bathtub” and the reciprocating engines. Please subscribe to receive notifications when we release new videos here.


In the News

Our story made headlines around the world in 2021. UK Today News recently highlighted our upcoming expedition. Other highlights from the year included GeekWire’s feature on our video of Captain Smith’s disappearing bathtub, TODAY Show Australia's story on our inaugural expedition, and news of the first images from our expedition on NBC Seattle affiliate KING 5 News. You can find the total list of our news coverage on the latest news page of our website.

titanic bow


Explore Deeper in 2022

Make exploration your New Year’s resolution for 2022 and join us on our second annual Titanic Expedition. Invite your family, friends, business partners, and fellow adventurers for the experience of a lifetime. This is one New Year’s resolution that you’ll want to keep.

Mission Specialist Bill Price recalled the awe he felt when his dive team saw the bow for the first time. “That’s when it sunk in. The enormity of it and history of it,” he said. “The fact that when you say Titanic to anyone in the entire world — they know what you’re talking about.”

Mission Specialist Aaron Newman said the dive was surreal. "This is one of the most interesting and unique experiences I have ever had," he said. "Less than around 200 people have ever been down to the Titanic and seen the wreck in 110 years. Even diving to almost 4,000 meters in a submersible is an experience onto itself."

There are still a few spots available on our 2022 Titanic Expedition, and we already have Mission Specialists interested in joining us in 2023. We would love to have you and your dive team on board. Learn how to join us here.

If the Titanic Expedition is not currently within reach for you, follow our journey on social media and consider joining us for a dive in the Salish Sea.



Thank You to all of our Mission Specialists

Our Mission Specialists were our best partners this year. We thank them and are grateful for their contributions as crew members, explorers, and supporters of our work.


Looking to the Future

The new year has barely begun, and we are already excited for what we are planning in 2023. Hydrothermal vents? Diving in the South Pacific? Deploying an ROV at the Titanic? There are so many opportunities for ocean exploration in a submersible. Follow our journey on social media and sign up for our newsletter. Thank you for your support.

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