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On each expedition, there is limited space for citizen explorers to join the crew as mission specialists. Mission specialists are adventurers and explorers who financially support the expedition through a mission support fee. As a Mission Specialist, you will join one submersible dive and assist the expedition crew in one or more support roles aboard the topside support ship and aboard the sub during your dive.

Because our experiences are working expeditions and not a luxury vacations, you must meet the requirements outlined below and participate in a mandatory in-person or phone interview with our expedition staff before your space on the expedition can be confirmed.  

Mission Specialist Requirements:

  • Be able to board small boats (Zodiacs) in rough seas.
  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time the expedition commences.
  • Be comfortable in dynamic environments where plans and timetables may change.
  • Can demonstrate basic balance, mobility and flexibility (i.e. climb a 6-foot step ladder, carry 20 lbs., etc.)
  • Be able to live aboard a research class expedition vessel with the operations crew for seven nights.
  • Have a valid passport and can legally travel internationally

Companion Program

As a Mission Specialist, you are welcome to bring a companion for an additional fee of 50% of the Mission Specialist fee. Companions may participate in all the expeditions activities except for a submersible dive. All companions must apply to join and be vetted by the expedition team. Where applicable companions share a ship stateroom and hotel room with the mission specialist they are joining. 

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