On each expedition, there is limited space for citizen scientists to join the crew as Mission Specialists.

Mission specialists are adventurers and citizen scientists who support the expedition through various sub-nautical and oceanographic roles.  Because our experiences are working expeditions and you will become part of the crew, there are a few steps you must complete.  You must meet the requirements outlined below before your space on the expedition can be confirmed.

1. INQUIRE & Apply

Follow the link above and complete the Mission Specialist Inquiry Form
After you've completed the form, a representative from OceanGate Expeditions will contact you to answer any questions and provide an Application.

2. Interview

Once OceanGate Expeditions has reviewed your application, a representative will schedule an interview using Skype/Zoom or a similar online platform.


Following a successful interview, you will be offered a position as Mission Specialist Crew Member on one of the expedition missions. You will sign a Mission Specialist Crew and training agreement and submit the Mission Support and Training fee. 


After your payment has been received, you'll be welcomed as a member of the crew and begin training to prepare for your mission.


Additional Mission Specialist Crew Requirements:

  • Be able to board small boats (Zodiacs) in rough seas.
  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time the expedition commences.
  • Be comfortable in dynamic environments where plans and timetables may change.
  • Demonstrate basic strength, balance, mobility and flexibility (i.e. climb a 6-foot step ladder, carry 20 lbs., etc.)
  • Be able to live aboard a research class expedition vessel with the operations crew.
  • Possess a valid passport and can legally travel internationally



Companion Program

Companions may participate in all the expedition activities except for a submersible dive. All companions must apply to join and be vetted by the expedition team. Where applicable companions share a ship stateroom and hotel room with the mission specialist they are joining. 

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