mission specialist roles

Mission Specialists are important and valuable members of the crew and contribute to the overall success of the mission. Complex expeditions require a team effort to successfully achieve the mission goals and the support that trained Mission Specialists provide is key to this success.

As a Mission Specialist, you will not just be ‘along for the ride’. During these authentic expeditions, you may opt-in to roles that you want to learn or that you already have an aptitude for – with training and coaching provided throughout your mission.

Role availability may vary depending on the expedition you join and the specific mission objectives. See the lists below for typical roles on each mission.

“OceanGate Expeditions makes you a full member of the crew and the experience allows you to participate in every aspect of the expedition. If you want to get your hands dirty, you get your hands dirty.”

Renata R.
Mission Specialist: 2021 Titanic Expedition

Top: photography and videoography is done through through the sub's viewport and with external cameras
Bottom: Mission Specialist documents the location, depth and time that observations are made.

SUBSEA Support Roles

Sonar and Laser Scan Operation

Conduct sonar and laser scans of the shipwrecks and sunken artifacts.

Photography and Videography

Operate on-board cameras to capture photos and videos of sea life, shipwrecks, artifacts and more.

Communications and Tracking

Assist the pilot with sub-to-surface communications.

Observation and Documentation

Help identify undersea objects, conduct species counts and record the team's observations.

Top: Mission Specialist closes Titan's dome prior to a Titanic dive.
Bottom: The sub's depth and location is tracked throughout each dive for safety and as aid to navigation.

Topside Support Roles

Submersible Service

Participate in servicing the submersible after dive operations.

Communications and Tracking

Assist in Mission Control with ship-to-sub communications and monitoring the sub's position.

Dive Image Review

Download, review and process images captured during the dive.

Sonar and Laser Scan Analysis

Conduct a detailed review and analysis of the sonar and laser data to create an image of the wreck based on information captured during the dive.

Dive Planning

Assist in operational dive planning.

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