A SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL survey of the wreck welcomes citizen SCIENTISTS


The Titanic’s wreckage has never been fully explored.

Beginning in 2021, we will begin a series of week-long missions to the wreck of the RMS Titanic. Given the massive scale of the wreck and the debris field, multiple missions performed over several years will be required to document the wreckage fully.

Throughout the annual survey, dive teams will collect images, video, laser scans, and sonar data to provide an objective baseline of the current condition of the wreck. This baseline will be used to assess the rate of decay over time and help to document and preserve the historic maritime site.



The 2021 Titanic Survey Expeditions has space for a handful of guests to participate in one of six missions to the historic site.

Your presence aboard this monumental mission, along with world-renowned Titanic researchers, puts you at the forefront of essential research, and helps secure funding for the survey and its discoveries.

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OceanGate is at the forefront of engineering and building the worlds most advanced deep-diving 5-person submersibles on earth. Through the innovative use of materials, state-of-the-art techology and a streamlined design, OceanGate's subs not only deliver on comfort, but are equipped with multiple external cameras, multibeam sonar, 50 thousand lumens of external light, a laser scanner, and the largest transparent viewports of any deep-diving submersibles. 

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3 knots


Four electric thrusters

Life Support

96 hours

Ascent/descent rate

50 meters/min.

Mission Specialists and Researchers

Our Mission Specialists, or citizen scientists are members of the public who engage in hands-on research. Aboard the surface supply ship, they will help with navigation, maintenance, and cataloguing our once-in-a-lifetime historical finds. Aboard the submersible, they will descend to the ocean floor and soar over the wreck, skimming the ship’s deck as cameras and lasers create a detailed 3D model.

 The Dive

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